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Providing a view into the Boston Police Department (BPD)

We've collected over one million records from a variety of data sources and created a database you can sort, search, and download.

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Find a BPD officer and see their earnings, policing activity, misconduct cases, and press coverage

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Data Exports

Are you a data scientist, a data journalist, or just curious? Try our Data Exports! These are CSV files containing cleaned and joined data, ready to be analyzed using your favorite tools.

Data Sources

Do you want to see where all these records come from? Do you need to verify against original sources? We've thoroughly documented our sources of data.

Data Tables

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Officers & Employees

Police officers and civilian employees who work at the BPD. See their annual earnings, the number of internal affairs cases opened against them, and more.

Incident Reports

Incident reports filed by police officers, including the nature of the incident and the location where it happened.

Field Contacts (FIO)

Field Interrogation and Observation reports filed by Boston police officers; includes prose summaries (redacted).

Internal Affairs

Internal investigations and citizen complaints that have been lodged against Boston Police Department officers and employees.

Forfeiture Cases

Assets taken by the BPD and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

SWAT Reports

Reports from incidents where the BPD Special Operations Division was deployed.

Paid Details

Paid details (e.g. directing traffic) worked by BPD officers for private companies.

Traffic Citations

Motor vehicle citations written by BPD officers.

Not sure where to get started? The Officers & Employees Table is sorted by total earnings for the year 2020, and provides links from each officer to their associated incident reports, complaints, etc.