Data Sources

Collections of public records regarding the Boston Police Department (BPD)

This is a full list of the data sources we use to populate Woke Windows (and some data sources we have yet to incorporate). Most of these data sets are spreadsheets or other tabular data that were received in response to public records requests.

Looking for Boston Police data to analyze? See our Data Exports for CSV files that have already been combined, cleaned, and documented.

Do you know of or possess a source of data we do not list here? Please contact us at so we may include it on this list. We are especially interested in any public records from the Internal Affairs Division.

Title Date Description
Included 17F SWAT After-Action Reports 2020-06-24 PDF scans of reports covering 2010 - 2014
Included 2001 to 2011 IA Data 2011-12-31 Boston Police Internal Affairs Division records
Included 2010 to 2020 Allegations 2020-06-24 Boston Police Internal Affairs Division records
Available 2011 - 2020 Traffic Tickets 2021-04-01 All traffic tickets issued by BPD officers from 2011 - 2020 (MassDOT data)
Included 2014 Officer IA Log 2014-12-31 Boston Police Internal Affairs records for 2014 with summaries
Included 2019 Traffic Tickets 2020-07-10 All traffic tickets issued in Massachusetts in 2019 from MassDOT database
Included 2020 Alpha Listing 2020-07-15 Roster of BPD employees from July 2020
Included BPD Alpha Listing with Badges 2016-07-26 Roster of Boston Police officers from July 2016
Included BPD CY2015 Annual Earnings File 2015-12-31 Earnings for all BPD employees in 2015
Included BPD FIO Data 2019-12-31 Cleaned FIO data
Available Boston Parking Tickets from Jan 1, 2018 through Aug 19, 2020 N/A All parking tickets issued by Boston from 1/1/18 through 8/19/2020
Available Boston Retirement System Retiree Benefits N/A Records from the Boston Retirement System showing city retirees and their monthly pensions
Available Court Overtime 2014 to 2019 2020-08-19 Report showing court and trial overtime
Included Crime Incident Reports N/A Daily file of BPD incident report data
Included Detail Records 2019 2019-12-31 Spreadsheet of paid details worked by Boston Police officers in 2019
Included Employee Earnings Report 2019-12-31 Annual earnings for every City of Boston employee
Included FEC Campaign Finance Data N/A Data from the FEC on individual contributions to federal campaign committees
Available FIO Records 2011 - 2015 (Old RMS) 2015-06-30 Older Field Interrogation and Observation (FIO) records
Available FIO Records FieldContact Table 2019-12-31 Field Interrogation and Observation (FIO) records
Available FIO Records FieldContact_Name Table 2019-12-31 Field Interrogation and Observation (FIO) records
Included Forfeitures by Suffolk County District Attorney 2015-05-07 PDF tables listing asset forfeitures cases
Included IAD Cases 2010 through 2020-08-15 2020-08-15 Boston Police Internal Affairs Division records
Included Legacy Crime Incident Reports N/A BPD incident report data from July 2012 - August 2015
Available MPTC In-Service Training 2020-09-01 In-service training taken by officers at MPTC academies
Included NIBRS Incident Reports 2019-12-31 Incident data submitted by the BPD to the FBI
Included OCPF Contributions and Expenditures N/A Data from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance on individual contributions to candidates for state and local offices
Requested PWD Work Zones 2018 to Present 2019-12-31 Work zones reported to the Boston Public Works Department
Withdrawn Police Career Incentive Pay Program N/A Records at the Department of Higher Education related to Quinn pay
Included Public Journal N/A Daily PDF of incidents to which Boston Police officers responded, and arrests made
Included Roster 2020-09-04 2020-09-04 List of sworn personnel with ethnic group, and other fields
Available Suffolk County DA 2019 Damion Export 2020-08-10 Export from the SCDAO's case management system
Requested Time and Labor Report N/A Timesheets for all Boston Police employees

More Resources

Listed below are sites with more records similar to those above.

Data for Justice Project
Lots of useful resources and tools from the ACLU Massachusetts.

See the Blackstonian Vault for reports and datasets.

Tables and charts of crime data; compiled from data submitted by departments throughout Massachusetts.

I've found a lot of great datasets by searching the requests made by other people.