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IAD Cases 2010 through 2020-08-15


This spreadsheet was received by @andrewqmr from the Boston Police Department in response to a public records request. This spreadsheet shows findings by the Internal Affairs Division (IAD) for cases opened between 2010-01-01 and 2020-08-15.

Pending cases (those which do not yet have a final finding) are shown in this spreadsheet, but the names of those officers who are under investigation are not provided. This spreadsheet only contains cases against sworn personnel; civilian employees are not listed.

See also the 2010 to 2020 Allegations data source which contains IAD cases from nearly the same time period. That data source does include civilian employees of the department, but it only contains a subset of allegation types.

See also our help page on Internal Affairs.

Field Name Description
IA No A particular number may appear multiple times in the spreadsheet, once for each allegation against a particular officer
Incident type Either Citizen complaint or Internal investigation
Received date
Title/rank (snap)
First name
Last name
Badge/ID number the badge number of the officer (this is different from the employee id)
ID number unknown. this doesn't correspond to any other number in our data
Finding date
Action taken
Days or hours suspended