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2001 to 2011 IA Data


This is a PDF document showing Internal Affairs cases over a ten year period. It is formatted in a manner which makes the document almost impossible to use as is; the values for each row are split across three pages. To get the complete first row, for example, you need to combine the data on pages 1, 168, and 335.

We've already done the work to create a file combining each row into a single line. You can download that file here: bpd_ia_data_2001_2011.zip

Field Name Description
Case No
Incident type Internal investigation
Citizen complaint
Preliminary Investigation
General Inquiry
Received date
First name
Last name
Badge/ID number this is not the six-digit employee id number. It sometimes matches the badge field in the BPD Alpha Listing with Badges file, but it seems like badge numbers are sometimes re-assigned, and, so, are not a useful identifier.
Finding e.g. Sustained or Exonerated
Finding date
Action taken always blank