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Forfeitures by Suffolk County District Attorney


These PDFs contain tables listing assets seized by the Suffolk County District Attorney under Mass. Gen. L. c. 94C, § 47.

We currently import the following files:

  • 2012 Superior Court Over $1,000_Redacted.pdf
  • 2013 Superior Court Over $1,000_Redacted.pdf
  • 2014 Superior Court Over $1,000_Redacted.pdf
  • 2015 Superior Court Over $1,000_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_Dorchester_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_Roxbury_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_Boston_Municipal_Court_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_West_Roxbury_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_East_Boston_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_Brighton_Redacted.pdf
  • DC_Charlestown_Redacted.pdf

The DC_ files are for each of the Boston Municipal Courts, and seem to cover the years 2001 through part of 2015.

We only import the SUCV#, AMT., M/V, police report #, and Seizure Date fields. To see other fields, you must refer to the original source documents.

We are not currently importing the 2010 and 2011 Superior Court files because some of the tables in these files need to be OCR'd.

We only import records where there is a docket number for the case, this means we are not importing nearly half of the records in these files.

We convert the docket numbers to the new formats described on this page under the Case numbering formats heading.