Officer Angela M Williams-Mitchell

Police Officer at Boston Police

Employed on 7/15/2020
Employee #
Badge #
Roxbury, MA 02119
Police Officer
IA Score?
3 Concerning

Angela M Williams-Mitchell is an inactive Officer in the Boston Police Department. They live in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury. They were paid a total of $26,594.40 in 2016.

Angela M Williams-Mitchell retired on Feb 5, 2016 and receives a monthly pension of $5,323.77 from the Boston Retirement System.

Officer Angela M Williams-Mitchell was added to the Law Enforcement Automatic Discovery (LEAD) database maintained by the Suffolk County District Attorney on N/A. Information from LEAD entry: Improper firearm storage. SCDAO investigation/prosecution. Agreed-upon plea. Incident: 08/6/2015.

Internal Affairs Overview

Officer Angela M Williams-Mitchell has an IA Score of 3 Concerning. Our database shows 2 Internal Affairs cases containing at least one sustained allegation against this officer, and 2 cases total, regardless of finding.

The Internal Affairs Division has found Officer Angela M Williams-Mitchell in violation of policies including Reporting for Duty, Securing and Maintenance of Firearm, and Neg.Duty/Unreasonable Judge.

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Allegations Against this Officer Sustained by the Internal Affairs Division (2000 - 2020) ?
IA # Received Allegation Finding Action Taken
IAD2015-0177 Mar 31, 2015 Reporting for Duty Sustained Retired with Charges Pending
IAD2015-0027 Jan 20, 2015 Securing and Maintenance of Firearm Sustained N/A
IAD2015-0027 Jan 20, 2015 Neg.Duty/Unreasonable Judge Sustained Suspension held in abeyance

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