Building Services Section

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It has 42 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2020)
11028 ZZZZZ Polizzi, Philip Supn-Custodians (Buildings)
125040 ZZZZZ Soto-Marte, Brian Alberto Jr Building Custodian
149858 ZZZZZ Essa, Alaa Yousf Jr Building Custodi
154488 Abreu, Carlos De jesus Jr Building Custodi
154891 Brown, Jordan D Jr Building Custodi
120041 ZZZZZ Cabrera Garcia, Erick Giovanni Sr Bldg Custodian (BPD)##
149039 ZZZZZ Cabral, Osvaldo Jr Building Custodi
154486 Castro, Jose Eduardo Jr Building Custodi
153925 ZZZZZ Cifliku, Ervin Jr Building Custodi
11234 ZZZZZ Dacey, Timothy Sr Bldg Custodian (BPD)##
135878 ZZZZZ Diaz, Hipolito Jr Building Custodian
10826 ZZZZZ Walsh, William James Jr Building Custodian
82045 ZZZZZ Feeney, Patricia Jr Building Custodian
148561 ZZZZZ Grealish, Kenneth Michael Jr Building Custodi
135960 ZZZZZ Guerrero, Francia Jr Building Custodian
9673 ZZZZZ Hebard, John Jr Building Custodian
10099 ZZZZZ Greeley, Stanley R Sr Bldg Custodian (BPD)##
83679 ZZZZZ Herasme, Juan Jr Building Custodian
108835 ZZZZZ Hoell Jr., Robert J. Jr Building Custodian
154487 Kamal, Basit Jr Building Custodi
108682 ZZZZZ Kennedy, James W. Jr Building Custodian
12190 ZZZZZ Kilduff, Peter J Sr Bldg Custodian (BPD)##
148916 ZZZZZ Le, Tom T Jr Building Custodi
126753 ZZZZZ Locke, Paul J Maint Mech - HVAC Technician
12058 ZZZZZ Loney, Michael J. Building Systems Engineer
126209 ZZZZZ Wasilewski, Jerzy Jr Building Custodian
11552 ZZZZZ Marchionda, Albert D Building Maint Supv
9891 ZZZZZ McDonough, James F. Jr Building Custodian
137068 ZZZZZ McLaughlin, James H Jr Building Custodian
81409 ZZZZZ Mendez, Victor Jr Building Custodian
137115 ZZZZZ Mejia, Anthony M Jr Building Custodian
158331 Peart, Alando Augustus Jr Building Custodi
154080 ZZZZZ Nunez, Alexander Jr Building Custodi
152386 ZZZZZ Rodriguez, Jose Manuel Jr Building Custodi
108729 ZZZZZ Salcedo, Reynaldo B Sr Bldg Custodian (BPD)##
153060 ZZZZZ Serrano-Diaz, Timothy Jr Building Custodi
7048 ZZZZZ Sullivan, Thomas F Jr Building Custodian
104016 ZZZZZ Toledo, Douglas Jr Building Custodian
51273 ZZZZZ Tomasini, Raymond Peter Supn-Police Building
136974 ZZZZZ Valdez, Francisco Jr Building Custodian
80260 ZZZZZ Harris, John W Jr Building Custodian
135801 ZZZZZ Yung, Mang Shing Jr Building Custodian