Information Systems Group

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It has 22 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2019)
108120 ZZZZZ Moise, Jean V DataProgrmming&ApplicationTech
11554 ZZZZZ Barcelou, Brian R Prin Dp Sys Anal-Dp
91133 ZZZZZ Gumbs-Levarity, Natasha Police Dispatcher
81180 ZZZZZ Boyle, John E Data Proc Sys Analyst
12096 ZZZZZ Cabrillana, Maria Data Proc Sys Analyst
103041 ZZZZZ Cikacz, Ryan J. Support Desk Specialist
83430 ZZZZZ DiMare, Dominic Jr. Sr Programmer
121603 ZZZZZ Donovan, John Casey Support Desk Specialist
108153 ZZZZZ Giaccai, David Data Proc Equip Tech (BPD)
51021 ZZZZZ Gonzalez, Mildred Sr Data Proc Sys Anl
158434 Healey, James Robert Support Desk Special
11025 ZZZZZ Hopkins, Joanne Data Proc Coordinator
2153 ZZZZZ Hutchings, Thomas R Sr Data Proc Sys Anl (ASD/DPU)
72523 ZZZZZ Joyal, Stephen Sr Data Proc Sys Anl
132390 ZZZZZ Kennedy, Julie Anne Head Clerk & Secretary
83089 ZZZZZ Lo, Man Kai Data Proc Sys Analyst
126179 ZZZZZ Marshall, Jason Sr Data Proc Sys Anl
11985 ZZZZZ Nolan, Paul Data Proc Equip Tech (BPD)
126808 ZZZZZ O'Brien, Edward G Support Desk Specialist
90060 ZZZZZ O'Connell, Mark S Data Proc Equip Tech (BPD)
50805 ZZZZZ Alexopoulos, Frank J Sr Data Proc Sys Anl (ASD/DPU)
84359 ZZZZZ Petruccelli, Richard P. Sr Data Proc Sys Anl