Latent Prints Unit

This is an organization in the Boston Police Department. Learn more

It has 12 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2020)
148650 ZZZZZ O'Sullivan, James M Admin Asst/EvidencTe
115669 ZZZZZ Auclair, Richard Criminalist III
105416 ZZZZZ Armstrong, Amanda Criminalist III
132454 ZZZZZ Kardashian, Diana M Criminalist III
99161 ZZZZZ Camper, Rachel R. Dir of Latent Print Unit (BPD)
148486 ZZZZZ Engelson, Brian Criminalist I
136984 ZZZZZ Kerry, Rachel Ann Criminalist II
104885 ZZZZZ Kosiorek, Deborah Ann Criminalist IV
115497 ZZZZZ Lancaster, Maryellen Kathleen Criminalist II
99103 ZZZZZ Morgan, Kristen A. Criminalist IV
108997 ZZZZZ Savicke, Erik Criminalist III
98947 ZZZZZ Truta, Ioan Criminalist IV