Paid Details Payment Unit

This is an organization in the Boston Police Department. Learn more

It has 9 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2019)
96893 ZZZZZ Brown, JoAnn Sr Accountant
134690 ZZZZZ Del Valle, Jaslin Delilah Sr Accountant
97403 ZZZZZ Driscoll, Brendan Sr Accountant
12147 ZZZZZ Hodges, Lisa A Sr Accountant
132184 ZZZZZ Janvier, Katy Sr Accountant
11846 ZZZZZ McHugh, Irene L Collection Agent(Bpd)
10352 ZZZZZ Merlino, Denise M Prin Admin Asst
123723 ZZZZZ Monahan, Jean Marie Sr Accountant
121999 ZZZZZ Ward, Beth Sr Accountant