Paid Details Payment Unit

This is an organization in the Boston Police Department. Learn more

It has 9 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2020)
10352 ZZZZZ Merlino, Denise M Prin Admin Asst
96893 ZZZZZ Brown, JoAnn Sr Accountant
121999 ZZZZZ Ward, Beth Collection Agent(Bpd)
134690 ZZZZZ Del Valle, Jaslin Delilah Sr Accountant
97403 ZZZZZ Driscoll, Brendan Sr Accountant
12147 ZZZZZ Hodges, Lisa A Sr Accountant
132184 ZZZZZ Janvier, Katy Sr Accountant
11846 ZZZZZ McHugh, Irene L Collection Agent(Bpd)
123723 ZZZZZ Monahan, Jean Marie Sr Accountant