Public Service Unit

This is an organization in the Boston Police Department. Learn more

It has 9 past or present members.

Officers and employees in this organization

Emp. # Badge Name Title IA? Earnings (2020)
107389 ZZZZZ Shields, Steve Liaison Agent (BPD)
149143 ZZZZZ Brown, Mollie Tressa Liaison Agent (BPD)
12088 ZZZZZ Figueroa, Carmen Liaison Agent (BPD)
12087 ZZZZZ Gelfusa, Maria P Liaison Agent (BPD)
145439 ZZZZZ Grenham, Michaela Liaison Agent (BPD)
135594 ZZZZZ Lang, Deborah A Liaison Agent (BPD)
8811 ZZZZZ Reno, Joseph David Public Relations Rep(Bpd)
9947 ZZZZZ Susi, Juliana Prin Admin Asst
148902 ZZZZZ Toner, Kayla Marie Liaison Agent (BPD)