Complaint IAD2014-0350

This is a complaint filed with and/or investigation by the Internal Affairs Division of the Boston Police Department regarding the conduct of one-or-more BPD employees. Learn more about Internal Affairs

IA #
Case #
Incident Type
Internal investigation
Jul 29, 2014

Officer Holder was alleged to have worked ninety two and one half hours (92.50) during the week of Saturday September 21, 0800 hours thru Saturday September 28, 2013 @ 0800 hours. Captain Joseph Boyle, Commander of Area B-3, completed this investigation and confirmed these findings.

Officers and Allegations

Name Title Badge # Allegation Finding Finding Date Action Taken
Holder,Alvin S Police Officer 6752 Reporting for Duty Sustained Oct 20, 2015 Oral Reprimand

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